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Merel van der Wouden


Merel van der Wouden, LL.M is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and business influencer.
After working as a business consultant for a period of time she exchanged her corporate life in Toronto to start her own company named Blackbird Negotiations in 2017.

Merel coaches (mostly) ambitious women to gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills to successfully negotiate what they deserve.
Her main focus is on teaching negotiation skills regarding salaries and fees.

Since the creation of her coaching business, she has helped over 200+ women negotiate better salaries and has established herself as a public speaker sharing her journey and her passion for negotiating.

Feb. 16, 2021

#4 | Negotiating with Merel van der Wouden | The Freelancer Talk

Let’s be honest. Most freelancers get anxious when they think of negotiating! But negotiating shouldn’t be something scary and mo…

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