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Steve Wiideman

SEO Expert

Specializing in strategic planning for multi-location and franchise SEO campaigns, Steve Wiideman, of Wiideman Consulting Group,
considers himself a scientist and practitioner of local and eCommerce search engine optimization and paid search advertising.
Wiideman has played a role in the inbound successes of brands that have included Disney, Linksys, Belkin, Public Storage, Honda,
Technicolor, Skechers, Meineke Car Care Centers, Applebee's, IHOP, Dole, and others, with emphasis on strategy, planning and
campaign oversight.

In 2018, Wiideman won Industry MVP at a popular SEO conference (C3 Searchies) and helped Meineke earn the NatLo Top 30 in Local
Marketing by Placeable in 2014.

Wiideman and his team have worked with Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups alike for over 22 years. His personal experience
ranges from having managed or assisted with large sponsored ads budgets, to turning brick and mortar businesses into Internet profit
machines using SEO best practices learned while studying under the world’s best organic and paid search optimization specialists.
Wiideman conducts online video and in-person presentations at various conferences and tradeshows internationally on such topics
as the history of SEO, link-earning, multi-location ranking factors, pay-per-click advertising, responding to search engine updates
, and much more. He also is a frequent panelist at online marketing events and speaks at many California Meetup groups and
networking events.

Wiideman designed and teaches the Website Optimization and Strategic Search Engine Marketing online course for California State
University Fullerton, the SEO Tools and Analytics course at University of California San Diego, and was recently commissioned to write a
textbook for a popular online learning service for colleges.

Wiideman's information products of the 2000s have been adopted by thousands of small- and mid-sized businesses as a model for
building websites on a platform optimized for higher placement in the search results and social media destinations.
As a consultant, Wiideman has developed creative strategies that garner organic links and citations to web properties, in addition to
strategizing website migrations, upgrades, and social media integration. Wiideman has been mentioned and featured in a number of
popular publications including CNN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, Marketing Sherpa, National Journal, Response Magazine, Vice
Magazine, Visibility Magazine, CNBC, Vice / Motherboard, Fortune Magazine, Local Search Association, American Express
Wiideman is currently working on a project to provide his knowledge in the SEO industry in the form of a 6-week online
training program.

Steve’s current projects include a transparency service for small businesses, along with experiments his team is running to better
understand the impacts of voice search, featured snippets, and structured data.

April 12, 2021

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