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Nov. 3, 2020

How to make affiliate marketing work for you | The Freelancer Talk #10

How to make affiliate marketing work for you | The Freelancer Talk #10

Affiliate Marketing, you’re probably familiar with it or maybe not? It’s all around and in front of us these days. People are using affiliate marketing as a way to monetize their online content. Instagram, Youtube, and even your own website or blog. There are endless possibilities to create secondary income streams through your online content. Especially for us freelancers who use free content to drive consumers into your own sales funnel. But just because we give it away for free doesn’t mean we can’t monetize it.

In this week’s podcast I’m diving into the world of affiliate marketing: What is affiliate marketing? How can you benefit from joining an affiliate network? How can you use affiliate marketing for yourself and how should you be using affiliate links? Learn all about affiliate marketing in this week’s podcast and stay tuned for more podcasts on how to monetize your online content! November is all about monetization!

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