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Sept. 22, 2020

Knowing Your Worth w/ Evan Schwarz | The Freelancer Talk Ep. #4

Knowing Your Worth w/ Evan Schwarz | The Freelancer Talk Ep. #4

Knowing your worth is essential if you are a freelancer. You have to understand that your hourly rate doesn’t only reflect your actual work for just that hour. But what exactly do you include in your hourly rate? And what do you do when people offer less? Or when is it okay to work for free? And how do you negotiate?

I know that I didn’t have the answers to these questions when I became a freelancer at the age of 21. Luckily I was never a person to shy away from talking about money and negotiation, and over time I’ve come to understand what I’m exactly worth.

I do think that in the world of freelancers and especially freelance artists we need to talk more about these things, we need to educate the next generations on these issues. That’s why ‘Knowing Your Worth’ is this week’s podcast topic!

For today’s podcast, I brought in a guest that has taught me a lot when it comes to knowing what I’m worth, and simply fighting for that as well. He is a freelance dancer and teacher and has fought for better and fair pay throughout his career in different companies. He happens to be my partner but that’s not the reason why he’s on this week’s podcast.

Together we came up with a bunch of do’s and don’ts when it comes to knowing your worth!

If you struggle with things like setting rates and negotiating fees. Then this podcast is a must-listen!

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