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Jan. 19, 2021

Season 2 Trailer!

Season 2 Trailer!

Hello Season 2, and a warm welcome to all you new listeners!

The Freelancer Talk is back for a second season and it's going to be packed with many incredible guests!

But besides incredible guests, The Freelancer Talk has undergone some changes for season 2! We've moved our hosting to Buzzsprout and have drastically re-imaged our looks. On top of that expect some new features to be rolled out over the next few months...

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Aaand we’re back!

 Hi freelancers,

It’s your host Wouter Vertogen. I’m excited to be back with The Freelancer Talk podcast for a 2nd season! 

A new season means new ideas. So, I’ve made a few changes and re-adjustments to the podcast. But I promise you, I’ve got plenty of great content headed your way! 

Whether you are just starting out as a freelancer, looking to grow your freelance business or simply wanting to get to know some tips and tricks on how to manage your life as a freelancer.

Then, The Freelancer Talk is just the podcast for you!

Every week we’ll be diving into a different topic that’ll give you some freelance insights and help you become the successful freelancer YOU want to be.  

Now, I say ‘we’, because I won’t be doing this alone. 

Expect many valuable and informative guests to join me on the show during this highly anticipated 2nd Season! 

Think about negotiating experts, digital marketers, business coaches and social media managers. Season 2 will have them all!  

And if that wasn’t enough already, The Freelancer Talk is now also available for streaming on YouTube! 

Simply search for The Freelancer Talk and start exploring.

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