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Oct. 6, 2020

Video Marketing & The Power of Storytelling w/ Iris Boogaard | The Freelancer Talk #6

Video Marketing & The Power of Storytelling w/ Iris Boogaard | The Freelancer Talk #6

Video is all around us and unthinkable out of our lives. I strongly believe in the power of video and believe you, as a freelancer, should be using video as well! But I’m not alone! For today’s podcast episode I’ve invited freelance video maker and editor Iris Boogaard. She creates marketing videos for companies and like I said, has her own business.

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Together we came up with a three-part podcast episode which I ended up splitting into two different episodes due to our lengthy conversation! In today’s episode, we are giving you a quick rundown of what video marketing is, how it’s done, and why we think you should be using video for your marketing strategies. In the 2nd part of the episode we are going to be talking about one of the biggest marketing tricks ever invented; Storytelling!

Next week we’ll be back with part three. Where we’ll be discussing how you can be using video in an easy and accessible way for your own business. We’re going to be talking about using videos across all social media platforms, we’re going to be talking about how long these videos need to be and we’re going to go a little bit into using editing software and apps.

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