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Oct. 20, 2020

What I wish I'd known before becoming a freelancer | A guide to freelancing | The Freelancer Talk #8

What I wish I'd known before becoming a freelancer | A guide to freelancing | The Freelancer Talk #8

From the glaciers in Alaska to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, being a freelance dancer has taken me across the entire world. But while being a freelancer has its ups, it also has its downs. Not all of us choose to be a freelancer. I know I didn’t choose this unstable and inconsistent lifestyle out of free will. But I’ve come to like it a lot! It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer by choice or by force, you are going to need some education and a plan!

Recently I’ve taken some time to reflect on my freelance existence and in today’s podcast I’m going to share some of my personal stories and advice with you. Especially focusing on the type of advice I wish I had before becoming a freelancer myself. I know that many of us are currently experiencing a low work period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Or that some of us are newly forced into the world of freelancing, also due to that same pandemic. And I guess that’s why I want to share my personal advice in today’s podcast.

My biggest advice to you? Take this crazy time to reflect, reassess, and plan your business’ future.

If you can’t see the woods through the trees, yes that is a dutch saying 😂, then this podcast will be of great help to you.

I hope that by the time you’ve listened to the full episode, I’ve managed to change the way you view yourself as a freelancer. I also hope that I can create some awareness on what you should include in your business’ future plan and enrich you with different perspectives on how you should be moving forward. And especially to all new and upcoming freelancers, I hope this podcast can serve as a guide to setting up your freelance business for success!

Now let’s get listening😉

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